Workflow4Experimenters (W4E): Using Galaxy and the Workflow4metabolomics infrastructure to analyse your metabolomics data sets

Scope: international
Objective: Pre-processing, statistical analysis, and annotation of metabolomics data is a complex task. The Workflow4metabolomics online infrastructure provides a user-friendly and high-performance environment with advanced computational modules for building, running, and sharing complete workflows for LC-MS, GC-MS, and NMR analysis (Giacomoni et al, 2015)
Audience: LC-MS, GC-MS and NMR experimenters (e.g. biologists, chemists)
Number of participants: 25
Duration: 1 week
Fees: 900 € (academia) and 2000 € (industry)
Dates and place of the next session: 08- 12 October  2018, Pasteur Institute (Paris)
Programme: During this one-week course, participants will learn how to use the W4M infrastructure to analyze their own dataset. Morning sessions will be dedicated to methodology and tools. Afternoon sessions will be devoted to tutoring.
Website: IFB, MetaboHUB, RFMF, ELIXIR

Bilan de l’école « Workflow4Experimenters » qui s’est déroulé du 10 au 12 octobre à l’Institut Pasteur: Télécharger le fichier