Available equipments

Available equipments

Use of robots for hight througput sampling preparation

Number of robots in the MTH infrastructure: 10

- MTH-Bordeaux: 3
2 HAMILTON Microlab Starlet System Pipetting robot for high-throughput phenotyping
1 Bruker robot for pH titration in very small volumes

- MTH-Toulouse: 4
2 TECAN Evo 200 robots for culture and sample preparation
2 TECAN Fluent robots for analytic analysis

- MTH-Clermont-Ferrand: 2
1 Tecan Freedom EVO 200 robot  
1 Bruker Sample Pro Tube robot    

- MTH-Paris:  1 
1 Hamilton robot

NMR Falicity and hyphenation for metabolomics and fluxomics

MetaboHUB NMR facility gathers expertise, and the state-of-the-art in liquid and HR-MAS NMR at high resolution and analytical techniques involving coupling of MS and chromatography. These skills are devoted to the field of metabolomics and fluxomics for the main scientific areas (for further information, please see "About" web page). MetaboHUB facility operates five NMR magnets, from 500 to 800 MHz, some using a cryoprobe to increase sensitivity.

Technical and scientific staff can perform NMR experiments for your project (service or collaboration) or can help you to develop specific methodologies. Several spectrometers and their environment are accessible for hands-on use by scientists experts in NMR.

1D and 2D NMR sequences on liquid samples and HR-MAS of tissues or other biological solid samples can be performed. For complexe mixtures of particular interest / uncommon tasks, LC/NMR experiments can be designed.

Automation from sample preparation to batch analyses permits to propose high-throughput NMR workflows. Linked to our Bioinformatics Lab, an in silico workflow will provide a robust data treatment.

MTH-Bordeaux: 2 NMR equipments
- 500 MHz Avance III Bruker with its environment and cryoprobe
- 600 MHz Avance III Bruker with its environment (Including LC-SPE_NMR)

MTH-Toulouse: 3 NMR equipments
- 500 MHz Ultrashiel Avance II (Bruker)
- 600 MHz Bruker Avance IIIHD (Bruker)
- 800 MHz Ascend Avance III with a Neo console and cryoplatform, 5mm CQCI probe, 1.7mm CTXI probe, 3mm BBI probe, 5mm CQCI probe (Bruker)

MTH-Clermont-Ferrand: 1 NMR equipments
- 500 MHz AVANCE III Ultrashield NMR spectrometer equipped with a cryoprobe (Bruker)

MTH-Grand-Ouest: 10 NMR equipments
- 700 MHz AVANCE III HD Bruker equipped with a 1H/13C/15N/2H cryoprobe
- 500 MHz AVANCE III Bruker equipped with an inverse 1H/13C/BB grad-Z 5mm probe ; a micro-imaging X,Y,Z-grad probe ; and a flow equipment for real time monitoring
- 400 MHz AVANCE NEO Bruker equipped with a BBFO Prodigy grad-z cryoprobe
- Bruker d-DNP polariser prototype 7,05 T Solid-state low temperature probe for DNP with cross-polarization 1H/13C; Magnetic tunnel
- 400 MHz Pulse RS²D console - Bruker magnet 7,05 T DUAL+ 1H/13C ATMA grad-Z 5mm probe
- 400 MHz Avance III Bruker BBFO ATMA grad 5mm probe
- 300 MHz Avance I Bruker BBFO ATMA grad-Z 5mm probe
- 2 benchtop spectrometers de 43 MHz: Magritek Spinsolve 1H/19F 43 MHz gradient ; Magritek Spinsolve 1H/13C 43 MHz gradient ; equipped with flow systems


MS equipment within the infrastructure: 67

- MTH-Paris: 13 MS equipments
UHPLC-Q-Exactive (Thermo Fisher Scientific), 1 UHPLC-Q-Exactive+ (Thermo Fisher Scientific), 1 UHPLC-Orbitrap Fusion Tribrid (Thermo Fisher Scientific), 1 UHPLC-Q-TOF Impact HD (Bruker), 1 UHPLC-Tims-TOF (Bruker), 1 UPLC-Xevo TQS (Waters), 1 UPLC-Xevo TQMS (Waters), 1 UPLC-QuattroTQMS (Waters), 1 LC-Exactive (Thermo Fisher Scientific) , 1 LC-QqQ Quatro Premier XE (Waters), 1 MALDI-TOF/TOF (Bruker)

- MTH-Bordeaux: 9 MS equipments
1 UHPLC-QTRAP 5500 (ABSciex), 1 UHPLC-QTRAP 6500 (ABSciex), 1 UHPLC-Orbitap Elite (Thermo Fisher Scientific); 2 GC-MS Agilent 6850 (Agilent), 1 UHPLC-Quantum Max (Thermo Fisher Scientific), 1 UHPLC-Orbitrap Qexactive Plus (Thermo Fisher Scientific), 1 LC-MS Triple Quad 6430 (Agilent), 1 Esquire IT (Agilent)

- MTH-Toulouse: 18 MS equipments
1 UPLC-LTQ Orbitrap XL (Thermo Fisher Scientific), 1 UPLC-QQQ Vantage (TermoFisher Scientific), 1 UPLC-MS QTOF SynaptG2Si (Waters), 1 LC-MS QQQ Altis (Termo Fisher Scientific), 1 LC-MS XevoG2-XS (Waters), 1 LC-MS-LTQ Orbitrap Velos (Thermo Fisher Scientific), 3 LC-MS-QExative PLus (Thermo Fisher Scientific), LC-MS QqQ 6460 (Agilent), 1 LC/UPC2-MS QTOF Xevo G2 XS (Waters), 1 MicroLC-MS QqQ 8060 (Shimadzu), 1 GC-MS TSQ Quantum (Thermo Fisher Scientific), 1 GC-MS TSQ  Quantum (Thermo Fisher Scientific), 1 GC-MS QqQ (Thermo Fisher Scientific), 1 LC/MALDI-QToF-IMMS (Bruker), 1 LC-QTrap 5500 (AB Sciex), 1 LC Exploris 240 (Thermo Fisher Scientific), 1  LC-MS QqQ  (Agilent)

- MTH-Clermont Ferrand: 12 MS equipments
2 GC-MS 5975 (Agilent), 1 GC-MS/MS Quattro Micro (Waters), GC-c-IRMS Isoprime (GV Instruments), 1 GC-QToF 7200B (Agilent), 1 LC-MS Quattro Micro (Waters), 1 LC-MS 5500 QTRAP (ABSciex), 1 LC-QToF Impact HD2, 1 TimsToF (Bruker), 1 LTQ Orbitrap Velos (Thermo Fisher Scientific), 1 Vision (IRMS 15N, elementar), 1 UPLC/SFC (Agilent)

- MTH-Grand-Ouest: 15 MS equipments
LC-LTQ Orbitrap XL (Thermo Fisher Scientific), 1 LC-Xevo TQS (Waters), 1 LC-Synapt-G2 HDMS (Waters), 2 LC-Exactive (Thermo Fisher Scientific), 1 GC-Scion (Bruker) , 1 GC-Xevo TQS (Waters), 1 GCxGC-ToF (Markes), 1 GC-Qexactive (Thermo Fisher Scientific), 1 GC-MS QP2010S (Shimadzu), 1 GC-MS/MS GC 2010 – TQ 8040 – AOC 6000 (Shimadzu), 1 GC-AccuTof (Jeol), 1 HPLC-IT-MS LCQ-Deca (Thermo Fisher Scientific), 1 UPLC-PDA /TQD-MS (Waters), 1 UPLC-PDA /TQD-MS Quattro Premier (Waters)

Laboratory of GC-MS and service

The GC Mass Spectrometry Service lab provides data acquisition services by using GC coupled to low or high-resolution mass spectrometry methods. The lab provides different kinds of MS instruments equipped with electron ionization (EI) and chemical ionization (CI) sources, with analyzers such as single quadrupole, triple quadrupole, isotopic ratio MS (IRMS) and time of flight MS (Q-Tof).

The lab specificities are:

  • the ability to handle many different biological matrices with dedicated sample preparation methods ;
  • the possibility to perform data acquisition on a large panel of GC-MS instruments ;
  • the availability of complementary GC-MS methods to perform both lipidomics (fatty acids analysis), fluxomics targeted and untargeted metabolomics approaches, as well as structural studies for biomarker identification.

LC Mass Spectrometry Service lab

The LC Mass Spectrometry Service lab provides data acquisition services by using liquid chromatography coupled to high resolution mass spectrometry (HRMS) methods. This lab provides different kinds of MS instruments such as Q-TOF, LTQ-Orbitrap, Exactive, Q-Exactive and FTICR-MS. Optimal metabolome coverage can be achieved by using either direct introduction or LC/MS methods that are able to detect a large range of metabolite structures.

The lab specificities are:

  • the ability to handle many different biological matrices using appropriate sample preparation methods ;
  • the possibility to perform data acquisition on a large panel of HRMS and LC/MS instruments ;
  • the availability of complementary direct introduction and LC-MS methods allowing the profiling of to profile metabolites of very high to intermediate polarity.