W4M : http://workflow4metabolomics.org/

Workflow4Metabolomics is a collaborative portal dedicated to the processing, analysis and annotation of metabolomics data.
The French Bioinformatics Institute (IFB) and MetaboHUB developed the full pipelines of LC/MS, GC/MS and NMR using the Galaxy framework for the analysis of data, including preprocessing, standardization, quality control, statistical analysis (univariate, multivariate PLS/OPLS) and annotation steps.


PeakForest : https://peakforest.org/

The MetaboHUB PeakForest database provides storage and annotation services for metabolic profiles of biological matrices and reference. Through its Web portal, PeakForest is devoted to the annotation broadband and identification of de novo metabolites. It is based on the wide range of complementary methods using UPLC- (API) HRMS, the GC-QToF and NMR. This database is available in the MetaboHUB platforms to perform non-targeted metabolomic analyses of biofluids (eg, human plasma and urine), tissue samples (for example, the tomato fruit) and cell extracts (e.g., E. coli and S. cerevisiae).


NMRProcFlow: http://www.nmrprocflow.org/

NMRProcFlow free software provides a complete set of tools for processing and visualization of 1D NMR data, all within an interactive interface based on a viewing of the spectra.


BiotStatFlow : http://biostatflow.org/

BioStatFlow facilitates access to statistical tools for biologists who are not specialists. It has been designed to perform statistical analyses sequentially, namely a linear chain of statistical analysis, so-called Workflow for the "omic" data.

MetExplore : http://metexplore.toulouse.inra.fr/joomla3/

MetExplore is a free service that allows academic:
  • import, storage and sharing of metabolic networks across the genome
  • mapping poly-omics data
  • enrichment of metabolic pathways
  • viewing networks
  • extraction of networks from data and the network structure
  • IT flux