Workflow4Exprimenters (W4E2020)

Save the date! Analyze your data with Galaxy and the Workflow4metabolomics e-infrastructure! The next Workflow4Experimenters international course (W4E2020) will take place in Brussels - Belgium (Monday 3th to Friday Febrary 7th 2020). During this one-week course (entirely in English), you will learn how to use the W4M infrastructure and analyze your own LC-MS, GC-MS, or NMR data. Morning sessions will be dedicated to methodology and tools. Afternoon sessions will be devoted to tutoring.

Invited speakers: Dr S. Marr (Leibniz Institute of Plant Biochemistry, Allemagne), Dr R. Weber (Phenome Centre Birmingham, Grande Bretagne), Dr N. Poupin (Unité Toxalim, INRA Toulouse, France)
Scientific comitee: C. Delporte et P. Van Antwerpen (Université libre de Bruxelles),P. De Tullio (Université de Liège), B. Govaerts (Université Catholique de Louvain), Y. Guitton, J. Saint Vanne (Laberca, Nantes), C. Dalle, M. Pétéra, F Giacomoni (PFEM INRA, Clermont-Ferrand), G. Le Corguillé, (Abims, Roscoff), B. Diémé (PFEM Université Clermont Auvergne), F. Souard (Université de Grenoble), C. Canlet, J.F. Martin, M. Tremblay-Franco (Toxalim INRA, Toulouse)
Agenda and pre-registrations: (Deadline 03/11/2019)
Sponsor: W4M is jointly developed and maintained by the French Institute of Bioinformatics (IFB, Elixir node) and the Infrastructure for Metabolomics and Fluxomics (MetaboHUB).

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