Intensive course at Tsukuba University (Japan) and Pontifical Catholic University of Chili

The following intensive course has been held on February 26th - March 2nd 2018 at Tsukuba University (Japan) and from March 22nd -March 27th 2018 at Pontifical Catholic University of Chili.

Subject name:Metabolomics: an emerging but powerful tool to study biology

Lecturer:Dr. Dominique Rolin (Professor, University of Bordeaux)

Credit:1.0 Credit

Room:F106 seminar room, Institute of Biological Agricultural Science building

Summary:In the post-genomics era, metabolomics represents a new «  omics tool » that in the last decade has received increased attention in many biological fields such as white and green biotechnology, nutrition, plant physiology, microbiology, etc. Metabolomics is based on the holistic study of the metabolic profile that characterizes a specific phenotype in a biological system. This course is going to give an overview on metabolomics approach in biology and will present the technological diversity to carry out metabolic. 

Lecture schedule:

26-Feb.    Introduction to functional genomic & metabolomics

27-Feb.    Metabolomics and its workflow

28-Feb.    NMR as analytical tool

1-Mar.      LC-MS and GC-MS as analytical tools

2-Mar       Examples of application