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2018 Mycotoxin biosynthesis and central metabolism are two interlinked pathways in Fusarium graminearum, as demonstrated by the extensive metabolic changes induced by caffeic acid exposure. Atanasova-Penichon, V., Legoahec, L., Bernillon, S., Deborde, C., Maucourt, M., Verdal-Bonnin, M. N. ... BMF 84:1705-1717
2018 Arundinosides A-G, new glucosyloxybenzyl 2R-benzylmalate derivatives from the aerial parts of Arundina graminifolia. Auberon, F., Olatunji, O. J., Krisa, S., Herbette, G., Antheaume, C., Bonté, F., Mérillon, J.-M., & ... BMF 125, 199-207
2018 Primary metabolism into perspective for better fruits. Beauvoit, B., Belouah, I., Belmys Cakpo, C., Roch, L., Bertin, N., Colombie, S., Dai, Z., Gautier, H. ... BMF 122, 1-21
2018 Untargeted Analysis of Semipolar Compounds by LC-MS and Targeted Analysis of Fatty Acids by GC-MS/GC-FID: From Plant Cultivation to Extract Preparation. Bénard, C., Acket, S., Rossez, Y., Fernandez, O., Berton, T., Gibon, Y., & Cabasson, C. BMF (pp. 101-124): Springer
2018 Characterization of GMO or glyphosate effects on the composition of maize grain and maize-based diet for rat feeding. Bernillon, S., Maucourt , M., Deborde, C., Chéreau, S., Jacob, D., Priymenko, N., Laporte, B., Coumoul, ... BMF
2018 A kinetic model of sugar metabolism in peach fruit reveals a functional hypothesis of a markedly low fructose-to-glucose ratio phenotype. Desnoues E, Genard M, Quilot-Turion B, Baldazzi V BMF 94 (4):685-698
2018 CYP2U1 activity is altered by missense mutations in hereditary spastic paraplegia 56. Durand, C. M., Dhers, L., Tesson, C., Tessa, A., Fouillen, L., Jacquere, S., Raymond, L., Coupry, I. ... BMF 39(1), 140-151
2018 A review of dietary stilbenes: sources and bioavailability. El Khawand, T., Courtois, A., Valls, J., Richard, T., & Krisa, S. BMF 17, 1007-1029
2018 ER Membrane Lipid Composition and Metabolism: Lipidomic Analysis. Fouillen, L., Maneta-Peyret, L., & Moreau, P. BMF (pp. 125-137): Springer
2018 Stilbenes from grapevine root: a promising natural insecticide against Leptinotarsa decemlineata. Gabaston, J., El Khawand, T., Waffo-Teguo, P., Decendit, A., Richard, T., Mérillon, J.-M., & Pavela, ... BMF 91(2), 897-906
2018 More to NAD(+) than meets the eye: A regulator of metabolic pools and gene expression in Arabidopsis. Gakiere, B., Fernie, A. R., & Pétriacq, P. BMF 122, 86-95
2018 NAD+ Biosynthesis and Signaling in Plants. Gakière, B., Hao, J., de Bont, L., Pétriacq, P., Nunes-Nesi, A., & Fernie, A. R. BMF ,1-49
2018 Intestinal microbiota in rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss, fed diets with different levels of fish-based and plant ingredients: A correlative approach with some plasma metabolites. Gatesoupe, F. J., Fauconneau, B., Deborde, C., Madji Hounoum, B., Jacob, D., Moing, A., Corraze, G., ... BMF 24, 1563-1576
2018 Effects of nutritional state, aging and high chronic intake of sucrose on brain protein synthesis in rats: modulation of it by rutin and other micronutrients. Gatineau, E., Cluzet, S., Krisa, S., Papet, I., Migne, C., Remond, D., Dardevet, D., Polakof, S., Richard, ... BMF 9(5), 2922-2930
2018 Wine Analysis and Authenticity Using 1H-NMR Metabolomics Data. Gougeon, L., Da Costa, G., Le Mao, I., Ma, W., Teissedre, P.-L., Guyon, F., & Richard, T. (2018). BMF 49, 255
2018 Interactions between lipids and proteins are critical for organization of plasma membrane-ordered domains in tobacco BY-2 cells. Grosjean, K., Der, C., Robert, F., Thomas, D., Mongrand, S., Simon-Plas, F., & Gerbeau-Pissot, P. BMF 69(15), 3545-3557
2018 In vitro effects of serotonin, melatonin, and other related indole compounds on amyloid-? kinetics and neuroprotection. Hornedo-Ortega, R., Da Costa, G., Cerezo, A. B., Troncoso, A. M., Richard, T., & Garcia-Parrilla, M. ... BMF 62, 1700383
2018 The multistress-induced Translocator protein (TSPO) differentially modulates storage lipids metabolism in seeds and seedlings. Jurkiewicz, P., Melser, S., Maucourt, M., Ayeb, H., Veljanovski, V., Maneta-Peyret, L., Hooks, M., Rolin, ... BMF 96, 274-286
2018 The odd one out: Arabidopsis reticulon 20 does not bend ER membranes but has a role in lipid regulation. Kriechbaumer, V., Maneta-Peyret, L., Fouillen, L., Botchway, S. W., Upson, J., Hughes, L., Richardson, ... BMF 8(1), 2310
2018 A Plant Extract Acts Both as a Resistance Inducer and an Oomycide Against Grapevine Downy Mildew. Krzyzaniak, Y., Trouvelot, S., Negrel, J., Cluzet, S., Valls, J., Richard, T., Bougaud, A., Jacquens, ... BMF 9, 1085
2018 Metabotyping of 30 maize hybrids under early-sowing conditions reveals potential marker-metabolites for breeding. Lamari, N., Zhendre, V., Urrutia, M., Bernillon, S., Maucourt , M., Deborde, C., Prodhomme, D., Jacob, ... BMF 14, 132
2018 Plant lipids: Key players of plasma membrane organization and function. Mamode-Cassim, A., Gouguet, P., Gronnier, J., Laurent, N., Germain, V., Grison, M., Boutté, Y., Gerbeau-Pissot, ... BMF Nov 19;73:1-27
2018 Wax synthase MhWS2 from Marinobacter hydrocarbonoclasticus: substrate specificity and biotechnological potential for wax ester production. Miklaszewska, M., Dittrich-Domergue, F., Banas, A., & Domergue, F. BMF 102(9), 4063-4074
2018 De novo biosynthesis of sterols and fatty acids in the Trypanosoma brucei procyclic form: Carbon source preferences and metabolic flux redistributions. Millerioux, Y., Mazet, M., Bouyssou, G., Allmann, S., Kiema, T. R., Bertiaux, E., Fouillen, L., Thapa, ... BMF 14(5), e1007116
2018 Differences in Blossom-end Rot resistance in tomato cultivars is associated with total ascorbate rather than calcium concentration in the distal end part of fruits. Moalla, R., Baldet, P., Gibon, Y., Matsukura, C., Ariizumi, T., Ezura, H., & Fukuda, N. BMF 87, 372-381
2018 Comparative metabolomics and glycolysis enzyme profiling of embryogenic and non-embryogenic grape cells. Parrilla, J., Gaillard, C., Verbeke, J., Maucourt, M., Aleksandrov, R. A., Thibault, F., Fleurat-Lessard, ... BMF 8, 784-798
2018 Arabidopsis CER1-LIKE1 functions in a cuticular very-long-chain alkane-forming complex. Pascal, S., Bernard, A., Deslous, P., Gronnier, J., Fournier-Goss, A., Domergue, F., Rowland, O., & ... BMF in press
2018 Wine yeast phenomics: A standardized fermentation method for assessing quantitative traits of Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains in enological conditions. Peltier, E., Bernard, M., Trujillo, M., Prodhomme, D., Barbe, J., Gibon, Y., & Marullo, P. BMF 13(1), e0190094
2018 PhenoMeNal: Processing and analysis of Metabolomics data in the Cloud. Peters, K., Bradbury, J., Bergmann, S., Capuccini, M., Cascante, M., Atauri, P., Ebbels, T., Foguet, ... BMF in press
2018 Fruit decay to diseases: can induced resistance and priming help? Pétriacq, P., López, A., & Luna, E. BMF 7(4), 77
2018 A Combinatorial Lipid Code Shapes the Electrostatic Landscape of Plant Endomembranes. Platre, M. P., Noack, L. C., Doumane, M., Bayle, V., Simon, M. L. A., Maneta-Peyret, L., Fouillen, L. ... BMF 45(4), 465-480 e411
2018 Characterising alternative diets feeds for rainbow trout (O. mykiss) by 1H-NMR metabolomics. Roques, S., Deborde, C., Richard, N., Sergent, L., Kruz, F., Skiba-Cassy, S., Fauconneau, B., & Moing, ... BMF 14, 155.
2018 Metabolomics and fish nutrition: a review in the context of sustainable feed development. Roques, S., Deborde, C., Richard, N., Skiba-Cassy, S., Moing, A., & Fauconneau, B. BMF in press
2018 Identification and functional study of a mild allele of SlDELLA gene conferring the potential for improved yield in tomato. Shinozaki, Y., Ezura, K., Hu, J., Okabe, Y., Bénard, C., Prodhomme, D., Gibon, Y., Sun, T.-p., Ezura, ... BMF 8(1), 12043
2018 (2018). Constraint-Based Modeling Highlights Cell Energy, Redox Status and alpha-Ketoglutarate Availability as Metabolic Drivers for Anthocyanin Accumulation in Grape Cells Under Nitrogen Limitation. Soubeyrand, E., Colombie, S., Beauvoit, B., Dai, Z. W., Cluzet, S., Hilbert, G., Renaud, C., Maneta-Peyret, ... BMF 9, 421
2018 A systems biology study in tomato fruit reveals correlations between the ascorbate pool and genes involved in ribosome biogenesis, translation and the heat-shock response. Stevens, R., Baldet, P., Bouchet, J. P., Causse, M., Deborde, C., Deschodt, C., Faurobert, M., Garchery, ... BMF 9, 137
2018 Different species of phosphatidic acid are produced during neuronal growth and neurosecretion. Tanguy, E., Wang, Q., Coste de Bagneaux, Fouillen, L., Thahouly, T., Ammar, M., & Vitale, N. BMF 25(4), D408
2018 1H-NMR metabolomic profiling reveals a distinct metabolic recovery response in shoots and roots of temporarily drought-stressed sugar beets. Wedeking, R., Maucourt, M., Deborde, C., Moing, A., Gibon, Y., Goldbach, H. E., & Wimmer, M. A. BMF 13(5), e0196102
2018 Integrating proteomics and enzymatic profiling to decipher seed metabolism affected by temperature in seed dormancy and germination. Xia, Q., Maharajah, P., Cueff, G., Rajjou, L., Prodhomme, D., Gibon, Y., Bailly, C., Corbineau, F., ... BMF 269, 118-125
2018 A multidrug ABC transporter with a taste for GTP. Orelle C, Durmort C, Mathieu K, Duchêne B, Aros S, Fenaille F, André F, Junot C, Vernet T, Jault JM. MetabolomeIDF
2018 Targeted versus untargeted omics - the CAFSA story. Del Mar Amador M, Colsch B, Lamari F, Jardel C, Ichou F, Rastetter A, Sedel F, Jourdan F, Frainay C, ... MetabolomeIDF
2018 Evaluation of the High-Field Orbitrap Fusion for Compound Annotation in Metabolomics. Barbier Saint Hilaire P, Hohenester UM, Colsch B, Tabet JC, Junot C, Fenaille F. MetabolomeIDF
2018 Baseline urine metabolic phenotype in patients with severe alcoholic hepatitis and its association with outcome. Maras JS, Das S, Sharma S, Shasthry SM, Colsch B, Junot C, Moreau R, Sarin SK. MetabolomeIDF
2018 Deep analysis of immune response and metabolic signature in children with food protein induced enterocolitis to cow's milk. Adel-Patient K, Lezmi G, Castelli FA, Blanc S, Bernard H, Soulaines P, Dumond P, Ah-Leung S, Lageix ... MetabolomeIDF
2018 Immune components of early breastmilk: Association with maternal factors and with reported food allergy in childhood. Berdi M, de Lauzon-Guillain B, Forhan A, Castelli FA, Fenaille F, Charles MA, Heude B, Junot C, Adel-Patient ... MetabolomeIDF
2018 Orchestration of Tryptophan-Kynurenine pathway, acute decompensation and acute-on-chronic liver failure in cirrhosis. Clària J, Moreau R, Fenaille F, Amorós A, Junot C, Gronbaek H, Coenraad MJ, Pruvost A, Ghettas A, Chu-Van ... MetabolomeIDF
2018 A Novel Subfamily of Bacterial AAT-Fold Basic Amino Acid Decarboxylases and Functional Characterization of Its First Representative: Pseudomonas aeruginosa LdcA. Carriel D, Simon Garcia P, Castelli F, Lamourette P, Fenaille F, Brochier-Armanet C, Elsen S, Gutsche ... MetabolomeIDF
2018 Complementarity of electrophoretic, mass spectrometric, and gene sequencing techniques for the diagnosis and characterization of congenital disorders of glycosylation. Bruneel A, Cholet S, Drouin-Garraud V, Jacquemont ML, Cano A, Mégarbané A, Ruel C, Cheillan D, Dupré ... MetabolomeIDF
2018 CCDC115-CDG: A new rare and misleading inherited cause of liver disease. Girard M, Poujois A, Fabre M, Lacaille F, Debray D, Rio M, Fenaille F, Cholet S, Ruel C, Caussé E, Selves ... MetabolomeIDF
2018 Low-Protein Diet Induces IRE1?-Dependent Anticancer Immunosurveillance. Rubio-Patiño C, Bossowski JP, De Donatis GM, Mondragón L, Villa E, Aira LE, Chiche J, Mhaidly R, Lebeaupin ... MetabolomeIDF
2018 Synthesis of plasmodione metabolites and 13C-enriched plasmodione as chemical tools for drug metabolism investigation. Feng L, Lanfranchi DA, Cotos L, Cesar-Rodo E, Ehrhardt K, Goetz AA, Zimmermann H, Fenaille F, Blandin ... MetabolomeIDF
2018 MetaboRank: network-based recommendation system to interpret and enrich metabolomics results. Frainay C, Aros S, Chazalviel M, Garcia T, Vinson F, Weiss N, Colsch B, Sedel F, Thabut D, Junot C, ... MetabolomeIDF
2018 Inhibition of Lysosome Membrane Recycling Causes Accumulation of Gangliosides that Contribute to Neurodegeneration. Boutry M, Branchu J, Lustremant C, Pujol C, Pernelle J, Matusiak R, Seyer A, Poirel M, Chu-Van E, Pierga ... MetabolomeIDF
2018 Intergenerational effects on mouse sperm quality after in utero exposure to acetaminophen and ibuprofen. Rossitto M, Marchive C, Pruvost A, Sellem E, Ghettas A, Badiou S, Sutra T, Poulat F, Philibert P, Boizet-Bonhoure ... MetabolomeIDF
2018 Methotrexate and BAFF interaction prevents immunization against TNF inhibitors. Bitoun S, Nocturne G, Ly B, Krzysiek R, Roques P, Pruvost A, Paoletti A, Pascaud J, Dönnes P, Florence ... MetabolomeIDF
2018 The anti-caspase inhibitor Q-VD-OPH prevents AIDS disease progression in SIV-infected rhesus macaques. Laforge M, Silvestre R, Rodrigues V, Garibal J, Campillo-Gimenez L, Mouhamad S, Monceaux V, Cumont MC, ... MetabolomeIDF
2018 A fluorine scan of a tubulin polymerization inhibitor isocombretastatin A-4: Design, synthesis, molecular modelling, and biological evaluation. Naret T, Bignon J, Bernadat G, Benchekroun M, Levaique H, Lenoir C, Dubois J, Pruvost A, Saller F, Borgel ... MetabolomeIDF
2018 PhenoMeNal: Processing and analysis of Metabolomics data in the Cloud. Peters, K., Bradbury, J., Bergmann, S., Capuccini, M., Cascante, M., de Atauri, P., Ebbels, T.M.D., ... MetabolomeIDF, MetaToul
2018 A hybrid and exploratory approach to knowledge discovery in metabolomic data. Dhouha Grissa, Blandine Comte, Mélanie Pétéra, Estelle Pujos-Guillot, Amedeo Napoli. PFEM In press, corrected proof, Available online 4 January 2019
2018 A data integration multi-omics approach to study calorie restriction-induced changes in insulin sensitivity. Maria Carlota Dao, Nataliya Sokolovska, Rémi Brazeilles, Séverine Affeldt, Véronique Pelloux, Edi Prifti, ... PFEM Manuscript ID: 434557 Accepted Dec2018
2018 IDENTIFICATION OF PRE-FRAILTY SUB-PHENOTYPES IN ELDERLY USING METABOLOMICS. Estelle Pujos-Guillot, Mélanie Pétéra, Jérémie Jacquemin, Delphine Centeno, Bernard Lyan, Ivan Montoliu, ... PFEM Manuscript ID: 363611 Accepted Dec2018
2018 Nutrimetabolomics: An Integrative Action for Metabolomic Analyses in Human Nutritional Studies Ulaszewska MM, Weinert CH, Trimigno A, Portmann R, Andres Lacueva C, Badertscher R, Brennan L, Brunius ... PFEM 2018 Sep 3:e1800384. doi: 10.1002/mnfr.201800384. [Epub ahead of print] Review.
2018 Effects of nutritional state, aging and high chronic intake of sucrose on brain protein synthesis in rats: modulation of it by rutin and other micronutrients. Gatineau, E., Cluzet, S., Krisa, S., Papet, I., Migné, C., Rémond, D., Dardevet, D., Polakof, S., Richard, ... PFEM Food and Function, 9 (5), 2922-2930. , DOI : 10.1039/c7fo01953j
2018 Effect of high chronic intake of sucrose on liver metabolism in aging rats. Modulation by rutin and micronutrients Gatineau, E., Capel, F., Dardevet, D., David, J., Pouyet, C., Polakof, S., Mosoni, L. (Auteur de correspondance) ... PFEM 9 p. , DOI : 10.1007/s13105-018-0628-y
2018 Increased Serpina3n release into circulation during glucocorticoid-mediated muscle atrophy. Gueugneau, M. (Auteur de correspondance), d'Hose, D., Barbé, de Barsy, Lause, Maiter, Bindels, Delzenne, ... PFEM DOI : 10.1002/jcsm.12315
2018 Metabolomic study of the response to cold shock in a strain of Pseudomonas syringae isolated from cloud water. Jousse, C., Dalle, C., Canet, I., Lagrée, M., Traïka, M., Lyan, B., Mendes, C., Sancelme, M., Amato, ... PFEM 13 p. , DOI : 10.1007/s11306-017-1295-7
2018 Evaluation of oxidized phospholipids analysis by LC-MS/MS. Khoury, S. (Auteur de correspondance), Pouyet, C., Lyan, B., Pujos-Guillot, E. (2018). PFEM 410 (2), 633-647. , DOI : 10.1007/s00216-017-0764-1
2018 Interlaboratory Coverage Test on Plant Food Bioactive Compounds and their Metabolites by Mass Spectrometry-Based Untargeted Metabolomics Koistinen, V. M. (Auteur de correspondance), da Silva, A. B., Abrankó, L., Low , D., Villalba, R. G. ... PFEM 8 (3). , DOI : 10.3390/metabo8030046
2018 Targeting colon luminal lipid peroxidation limits colon carcinogenesis associated with red meat consumption. Martin, O., Naud, N., Tache, S., Debrauwer, L., Chevolleau-Mege, S., Dupuy, J., Chantelauze, C., Durand, ... PFEM DOI : 10.1158/1940-6207.CAPR-17-0361
2018 Correction to exploration of biological markers of feed efficiency in young bulls. Meale, S. J., Morgavi, D., Cassar-Malek, I., Andueza Urra, J. D., Ortigues, I., Robins, R. J., Schiphorst, ... PFEM 66 (17), 4580. , DOI : 10.1021/acs.jafc.8b01910
2018 Differential biotin labelling of the cell envelope proteins in lipopolysaccharidic diderm bacteria: Exploring the proteosurfaceome of Escherichia coli using sulfo-NHS-SS-biotin and sulfo-NHS-PEG4-bismannose-SS-biotin. Monteiro, R., Chafsey, I., Leroy, S., Chambon, C., Hébraud, M., Livrelli, V., Pizza, M., Pezzicoli, ... PFEM 181, 16-23. , DOI : 10.1016/j.jprot.2018.03.026
2018 Metabolic adaptations to HFHS overfeeding: how whole body and tissues postprandial metabolic flexibility adapt in Yucatan mini-pigs. Polakof, S. (Auteur de correspondance), Remond, D., Bernalier Donadille, A., Rambeau, M., Pujos-Guillot, ... PFEM 57 (1), 119-135. , DOI : 10.1007/s00394-016-1302-1
2018 Metabolomics Reveals that the Type of Protein in a High-Fat Meal Modulates Postprandial Mitochondrial Overload and Incomplete Substrate Oxidation in Healthy Overweight Men Pujos-Guillot, E., Brandolini-Bunlon, M., Fouillet, H., Joly, C., Martin, J.-F., Huneau, J.-F., Dardevet, ... PFEM 148 (6), 876-884. , DOI : 10.1093/jn/nxy049
2018 MALDI mass spectrometry imaging and in situ microproteomics of Listeria monocytogenes biofilms. Santos, T., Theron, L., Chambon, C., Viala, D., Centeno, D., Esbelin, J., Hébraud, M. (2018). PFEM 187, 152-160. , DOI : 10.1016/j.jprot.2018.07.012
2018 Combined in vivo and in silico approaches for predicting the release of bioactive peptides from meat digestion. Sayd, T., Dufour, C., Chambon, C., Buffière, C., Remond, D., Sante-Lhoutellier, V. (2018). PFEM 249, 111-118. , DOI : 10.1016/j.foodchem.2018.01.013
2018 To what extent does the nitrosation of meat proteins influence their digestibility?. Theron, L., Chambon, C., Sayd, T., De La Pomelie, D., Sante-Lhoutellier, V., Gatellier, P. (2018). PFEM 113, 175-182. , DOI : 10.1016/j.foodres.2018.06.071
2018 Comparison of three methods for cell surface proteome extraction of Listeria monocytogenes biofilms Esbelin, J, Santos, T, Ribière, C, Desvaux, M, Viala, D, Chambon, C, and Hébraud, M. 2018. PFEM sous presse.
2018 Deciphering PSE-like muscle defect in cooked hams: A signature from the tissue to the molecular scale Théron L, Sayd T, Chambon C, Vénien A, Viala D, Astruc T, Vautier A, and Santé-Lhoutellier V. 2019 PFEM 270:359-366.
2018 How combined multicomparative proteomic approaches can improve the understanding of quinolone resistance in Salmonella Typhimurium Correia S, Hébraud M, Poeta P, Capelo JL, and Igrejas G. 2018. PFEM 13:403-406.
2018 Metabolomic study of the response to cold shock in a strain of Pseudomonas syringae isolated from cloud water. C. JOUSSE, C. DALLE, I. CANET, M. LAGRÉE, M. TRAIKIA, B. LYAN, C. MENDES, M. SANCELME, P. AMATO, A.-M. ... PFEM 2018, 14, 11.
2018 Quality of antiepileptic drugs in sub-Saharan Africa: A study in Gabon, Kenya, and Madagascar. J. JOST*, V. RATSIMBAZAFY, T. TRANG NGUYEN, T. LINH NGUYEN, H. DUFAT, A. DUGAY, A. BA, G. SIVADIER, ... PFEM 2018, 59(7),1351-1361. doi: 10.1111/epi.14445.
2018 Effectiveness of interventions to modulate the rumen microbiota composition and function in pre-ruminant and ruminant lambs. C. Saro, U.M. Hohenester, M. Bernard, M. Lagrée, C. Martin, M. Doreau, H. Boudra, M. Popova, D.P. Morgavi PFEM June 2018 doi:10.3389/fmicb.2018.01273
2018 A first inventory of the labile biochemicals found in Avignon groundwater: can we identify potential bacterial substrates? L. Rousset, M. Gillon, C. Duport, T. Clavel,M. Lagrée, M. Traikia, C. Panagiopoulos, O. Berge Odile PFEM (in press)
2018 Exploratory GC/MS-Based Metabolomics of Body Fluids. Migné, C., Durand, S., Pujos-Guillot, E. (2018) PFEM DOI : 10.1007/978-1-4939-7592-1_16
2018 Urinary pesticide concentrations in French adults with low and high organic food consumption: results from the general population-based NutriNet-Santé. Baudry J, Debrauwer L, Durand G, Limon G, Delcambre A, Vidal R, Taupier-Letage B, Druesne-Pecollo N, ... MetaToul
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2018 Metabolome disruption of pregnant rats and their offspring resulting from repeated exposure to a pesticide mixture representative of environmental contamination in Brittany. Bonvallot N, Canlet C, Blas-Y-Estrada F, Gautier R, Tremblay-Franco M, Chevolleau S, Cordier S, Cravedi ... MetaToul
2018 Metabolome disruption of pregnant rats and their offspring resulting from repeated exposure to a pesticide mixture representative of environmental contamination in Brittany. Bonvallot N, Canlet C, Blas-Y-Estrada F, Gautier R, Tremblay-Franco M, Chevolleau S, Cordier S, Cravedi ... MetaToul
2018 An Untargeted Metabolomics Approach to Investigate the Metabolic Modulations of HepG2 Cells Exposed to Low Doses of Bisphenol A and 17?-Estradiol. Cabaton N J, Poupin N, Canlet C, Tremblay-Franco M, Audebert M, Cravedi J-P, Riu A, Jourdan F, Zalko ... MetaToul
2018 MetExploreViz: web component for interactive metabolic network visualization. Chazalviel M, Frainay C, Poupin N, Vinson F, Merlet B, Gloaguen B, Cottret L, Jourdan F. MetaToul
2018 Development and validation of an ultra high performance liquid chromatography-electrospray tandem mass spectrometry method using selective derivatisation, for the quantification of two reactive aldehydes produced by lipid peroxidation, HNE (4-hydroxy-2(E) Chevolleau S, Noguer-Meireles M H, Jouanin I, Naud N, Pierre F, Gueraud F, Debrauwer L. MetaToul
2018 The GMO90+ project: absence of evidence for biologically meaningful effects of genetically modified maize based-diets on Wistar rats after 6-months feeding comparative trial. Coumoul X, Servien R, Juricek L, Kaddouch-Amar Y, Lippi Y, Berthelot L, Naylies C, Morvan M L, Antignac ... MetaToul
2018 Targeted versus untargeted omics -- the CAFSA story. del Mar Amador M, Colsch B, Lamari F, Jardel C, Ichou F, Rastetter A, Sedel F, Jourdan F, Frainay C, ... MetaToul
2018 Mind the Gap: Mapping Mass Spectral Databases in Genome-Scale Metabolic Networks Reveals Poorly Covered Areas. Frainay C, Schymanski E L, Neumann S, Merlet B, Salek R M, Jourdan F, Yanes O. MetaToul
2018 From genomics to metabolomics, moving toward an integrated strategy for the discovery of fungal secondary metabolites. Hautbergue T, Jamin E, Debrauwer L, Puel O, Oswald I. MetaToul!divAbstract.
2018 Identification of lipids of the stratum corneum by high performance thin layer chromatography and mass spectrometry. Jamin E L, Jacques C, Jourdes L, Tabet J-C, Borotra N, Bessou-Touya S, Debrauwer L, Duplan H. MetaToul
2018 Solid-phase extraction of drugs with cuttlefish bone powder as a sorbent. Khazri H, Ghorbel-Abid I, Debrauwer L, Kalfat R, Trabelsi-Ayadi M. MetaToul
2018 Addition of dairy lipids and probiotic Lactobacillus fermentum in infant formula programs gut microbiota and entero-insular axis in adult minipigs. Lemaire M, Dou S, Cahu A, Formal M, Le Normand L, Romé V, Nogret I, Ferret-Bernard S, Rhimi M, Cuinet ... MetaToul
2018 Targeting colon luminal lipid peroxidation limits colon carcinogenesis associated with red meat consumption. Martin O, Naud N, Taché S, Debrauwer L, Chevolleau S, Dupuy J, Chantelauze C, Durand D, Pujos-Guillot ... MetaToul
2018 Integrated transcriptomics and metabolomics reveal signatures of lipid metabolism dysregulation in HepaRG liver cells exposed to PCB 126. Mesnage R, Biserni M, Balu S, Frainay C, Poupin N, Jourdan F, Wozniak E, Xenakis T, Mein C A, Antoniou ... MetaToul
2018 PhenoMeNal: Processing and analysis of Metabolomics data in the Cloud. Peters K, Bradbury J, Bergmann S, Capuccini M, Cascante M, de Atauri P, Ebbels T M D, Foguet C, Glen ... MetaToul
2018 Large-Scale Modeling Approach Reveals Functional Metabolic Shifts during Hepatic Differentiation. Poupin N, Corlu A, Cabaton N J, Dubois-Pot-Schneider H, Canlet C, Person E, Bruel S, Frainay C, Vinson ... MetaToul
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