NMR USPN platform

Name of the responsible structure

  • Nadia Bouchemal

Guardianship of the structure

  • Université Sorbonne Paris Nord / CNRS

Referent person for trade with MetaboHUB

  • Tony PALAMA tony.palama(a)univ-paris13.fr


  • Campus de Bobigny, UFR SMBH, Université Sorbonne Paris Nord (USPN) 1 Rue de Chablis 93000 Bobigny



Health (Plasma/Serum, Urine, Faeces, ...), Bacteria, Medicinal plants, NMR analysis of sugars, peptides


NMR analysis / Multivariate analysis / Chemometrics / Metabolite quantification


- 500 MHz NMR :

o inverse QXI probe 1H-31P-13C-15N with Z gradient
o HR-MAS probe 1H-31P-13C
o SampleCase refrigerated at 4°C 24 positions

- 400 MHZ NMR :
o Broadband probe with direct detection (from 31P to 109Ag), 1H decoupling
o 60-position Xbacx autosampler

- Automated sample pH correction (BTpH)

Skills and Human Resources

- Nadia Bouchemal (IR) - NMR analysis
- T. Palama (MCF) - (exo)metabolome / metabolic profiling / 13C monitoring
- P. Savarin (PR) - Health metabolomics
- M. Triba (MCF) - Chemometrics / Multivariate analysis

Quality approach