MetaToul-MetaboHUB platform - AXIOM

Name of the responsible structure

  • Jean-Charles Portais

Guardianship of the structure


Referent person for trade with MetaboHUB

  • Laurent Debrauwer


  • Plateau MetaToul-MetaboHUB - AXIOM - UMR 1331 Toxalim, INRA / INP / UPS, INRA 180 road Tournefeuille BP93173, F-31027 Toulouse Cedex 3





  • Specific activities
    • Structural analysis by MS and NMR metabolites from the biotransformation of xenobiotics studied in vitro or in vivo.
    • metabolomics studies Realization not targeted by high resolution MS and / or NMR from biological fluids or tissues that may include statistical data analysis and biomarker research.
    • quantitative or qualitative determination of contaminants, metabolites or biomarkers to trace in complex matrices and biological fluids.
    • Development of semi-targeted methods based on high resolution MS for detection / characterization of metabolites families.
    • Development of tools for statistical data processing.
    • Development of bioinformatics methods for data mining and reconstruction of metabolic networks.
    • Sample preparation, development of separation methods and purification of contaminants, metabolites or biomarkers, which may include the use of radioisotopes.
    • Organic synthesis for the preparation of small molecules (MW <1000), primarily xenobiotic compounds newly formed or from biotransformations at laboratory scale (a few mg to several g).

Quality approach