MetaToul-MetaboHUB - Metabolic Networks

Name of the responsible structure

  • Jean-Charles Portais

Guardianship of the structure

  • CNRS, INRA, INSA INSA of Toulouse

Referent person for trade with MetaboHUB

  • Floriant Bellvert


  • Plateau MetaToul-MetaboHUB Metabolic Networks; Engineering Laboratory of Biological Systems and Processes, UMR5504, UMR792, CNRS, INRA, INSA INSA Toulouse, 135 Avenue de Rangueil 31077 Toulouse Cedex 4 - FRANCE





  • Specific activities
    Functional analysis of metabolic networks:
    • Development and application of complementary NMR and MS methods for the analysis of metabolic networks
    • Quantitative Metabolomics
    • Identification of pathways by isotopic labeling (13C metabolomics)
    • Measurement of metabolic flux (13C Fluxomics)
    • modeling of metabolic systems (calculation of flows, etc.).

Quality approach