LEB Aquitaine transfert

Name of the responsible structure

  • Bessoule Jean-Jacques

Guardianship of the structure


Referent person for trade with MetaboHUB

  • Le Guédard Marina


  • INRA Villenave d'Ornon



Fat plants and microorganisms, plants and environment lipids (diagnosis pollution ...), plant health, lipids Biotechnology (genes, enzymes, metabolic pathways  ...)


Expertise, research and development in biology of lipids, bibliographic studies; environmental monitoring and diagnostic (bio-indicators)

Analytical capacity with the kind of mastered technical

Gas chromatography (GC); HPLC, GC-MS


Classic small laboratory equipment, GC,
Pregnant phytotronique + has the UMR 5200 equipment (cell culture, centrifuges, spectro, freezers at -80 ° c ...) + equipments Lipidomics Plateau Platform Metabolome Bordeaux (GC-MS, Linomat ...)

Skills and Human Resources

Bessoule JJ, Resp. Scientist, DR CNRS, Dir. UMR 5200
The Guédard M., Resp. Cell, Research Engineer

Quality approach

AFNOR on soil quality (XP 31233), under ISO standard Quality Management according to the IS0 9001: 2008 followed by the platform Metabolome Bordeaux