CORSAIRE platform - Multi-site platform GIS Biogenouest

Name of the responsible structure

  • Alain Bouchereau, Prof. Univ. Rennes 1 Bruno Le Bizec, Prof. Oniris Nantes

Guardianship of the structure

  • INRA , CNRS, Nantes University, University Rennes I, Angers University, Université Bretagne Occidentale Agrocampus West Oniris, INSERM

Referent person for trade with MetaboHUB

  • Alain Bouchereau


  • Angers, Brest, Nantes, Rennes-Le Rheu, Roscoff



Sea, Agro-resources , Health, Environment


Metabolomics, targeted and non-targeted metabolic profiling, structural analysis, Fluxomics, chemometrics

Analytical capacity with the kind of mastered technical

CORSAIRE platform is able to handle biological samples of diverse nature (biological fluids, gas, tissue extracts) of various biological origins (microbial, animal, plant) from marine environments, land, wild, of rearing or culture.
The proposed benefits are numerous: global approaches, targeted approaches, dynamic approaches (fluxomics).
The platform has the expertise and the appropriate organization to ensure the standardized management of requests for analysis, realization and issuing progress reports.
Analytical skills are mainly based on the mastery of diversified mining techniques (liquid, SPE, SPME, ...) of various separation techniques based on liquid or gas chromatography systems and various detection techniques (Vis, UV, Fluorescent, refractometer, mass spectrometry, NMR).
Different mass spectrometers configurations at low and high resolutions are available. The NMR spectrometers are variable and equipped with sensors diversified fields.
CORSAIR, in partnership with the ABIMS platform, has contributed to the development of tools restatements data in Galaxy as well for mass spectrometry that for NMR.


Some of the main instruments available on the platform are listed below:

  • ASCEND NMR Bruker 700 MHz,
  • BRUKER DRX 300 (5mm probe Quattro 1H / 13C / 31P / 19F and BBO probe 10 mm).
  • Bruker Avance 400 (Dual 5 mm 1H / 13C and 5 mm probe reverse TBI 1H / BB} {/ 31P).
  • Avance III HD 500 BRUKER (inverse 5mm probe TBI 1H / {BB} / 13C probe 5 mm inverse TXI 1H / 13C / 31P, reverse probe 5mm TXO 1H / 19F / 13C and two probes HRMAS 1H / 13C / 15N and 1H / 31P).
  • Bruker Avance 500 equipped with a TCI cryoprobe reverse 5mm 1H / 13C / 15N.
  • Waters XEVO TQS,
  • Waters Synapt G2 HDMS,
  • Thermo Exactive,
  • Thermo-Q Exactive,
  • Agilent 7000
  • Bruker Scion
  • GC / MS TQ MS 8040 Shimazu with Robot preparation / injection.
  • IRMS (AE and CCG) Delta V Advantage Thermo Electron.
  • AE-IRMS Sercon,
  • LC-ESI-Triple Quad (Acquity UPLC Xevo TQD-(Waters)),
  • LC-ESI-QTOF (Acquity UPLC-Synapt G2 HDMS Waters)),
  • GC-MS (1 HP5973N, 1 HP 5975 Agilent Technologies),
  • GC-C-IRMS (Elementar Isoprime 100) (13C and 15N configuration),
  • MALDI TOF-TOF Bruker Daltonics Autoflex III (Laser Smartbeam, crash box (CID), LIFT).
  • A server hosting the databases for protein identification.
  • LTQ Orbitrap-(Thermo),
    - Ultimate 3000 (Dionex),
    - NanoLC (Thermo),
  • Thermodésorbeur Unity 2 + Ultra Treader (Markes).
  • SPE PLC (Dionex),
  • Spectro IRMS (stable isotopes CN) Delta Plus Thermo. Conflo interface III elemental analyzer Flash EA 1112.
  • Bruker Esquire 3000
  • Thermo Fisher TSQ Quantum Access

Skills and Human Resources

Human resources gathered on each of the constituent plates of the platform corresponds to about 25 eq. full-time committed by permanent and contract staff levels technicians, engineers and assistant engineers applied to actions for technical achievements, coordination, data processing, quality control.

Quality approach

Some CORSAIRE trays are certified, others in the process of becoming. A facilitator is responsible for the harmonization of quality processes