Name of the responsible structure

  • Pascal Schlich et Olivier Berdeaux

Guardianship of the structure

  • INRA, CNRS and University of Bourgogne Franche-Comté

Referent person for trade with MetaboHUB

  • Olivier Berdeaux


  • Dijon



Physico-chemical and sensory characterization of food.
Lipid analyzes in various biological matrices -> part about this partnership


Characterization and quantification:
Free fatty acids (GC-FID)
Total fatty acids (GC-MS)
Atypical fatty acids (trans, conjugated oxidized cyclic) (GC-FID, GC-MS)
Isoprostanes-neuroprostanes (LC-MS / MS)
Phospholipids (HPLC-class Corona, Mlecular species LC-MS)
Sphingolipids (LC-MS)
Gangliosides (LC-MS)
Cholesterol, phytosterols, sterols oxidized (GC-FID and GC-MS)

Analytical capacity with the kind of mastered technical

Opening routine analysis:
Free fatty acids, total fatty acids and sterols.
Atypical fatty des'acides characterization.
Quantification of the phospholipids (classes and molecular species in PC, LPC, PE, LPE, PS and MS).
Isoprostanes / neuroprostanes,

Very soon:
Molecular species in PI and PA, which Gangliosides Sphingolipids.


Dedicated to the analysis of lipids:
1 GC-MS quadrupole Agilent,
1 Shimadzu GC-MS quadrupole,
1 GC-MS-2D RIC / Agilent,
1 + 2 Corona-HPLC HPLC-DAD,
1 LC-MS Thermo-QqQ,
1 LC-MS ion trap Bruker,
 (SFC 1 HR-MS being requested),
Access to a LTQ Orbitrap.

Skills and Human Resources

3 holders (1 R, 1 and 1 AND IE) + 1 CDD (IR) dedicated to the analysis of lipids by chromatography and mass spectrometry

Quality approach

ISO 9001 since 2014