Name of the responsible structure

  • Rodrigue ROSSIGNOL

Guardianship of the structure

  • ADERA University of Bordeaux

Referent person for trade with MetaboHUB

  • Emilie OBRE


  • Laboratory Rare Diseases: Genetics and Metabolism (U1211)



Analysis of energy metabolism


Evaluation and optimization of leading compounds.
Profiling of compounds
Metabolic Mapping
Mechanism of Action (MOA)
Bioenergetic analysis
Identification of metabolic biomarkers
Mitochondrial activity (respirometry, assay (ATP, ADP / ATP, CR complex activity, mitochondrial potential) anti-oxidant activities, turnover, dynamics)

Analytical capacity with the kind of mastered technical

In vitro or ex vivo bioenergetic analyzes
(Respirometry, spectrofluorimetry, biolumonetry, colorimetry, ICC, microscopy, WesternBlot, cell enumeration)
Antioxidant analysis (Total and mitochondrial ROS assays, REDOX status, Oxiblots)
Discovery of biomarkers, mechanism of action (proteomic analysis with mapping and transcriptional analysis)
CELLOMET carries out analyzes of bioenergetic fluxes (respiration, ATP, ROS ...) and proteomic studies that may be confronted with metabolomic data to identify targets of biotechnological or therapeutic interest


Molecular biology: Thermocyclers (Eppendorf; VWR); Real-time quantitative PCR (Stratagene MX3000P; Biorad); CF96 (Biorad), Chemidoc (Biorad); Nanodrop spectrophotometers; Sterilizer (Systec 3870 MLV); Benchtop centrifuges (Eppendorf 5415, 5418); Agitator (IKA KS4000i).
Biochemistry: Ultracentrifuge (Kontron T-2060); Refrigerated centrifuge (Eppendorf 5417R and 5810R, Thermo 400R and 16R, Jouan KR22, Prolabo HR340); Systems and generators for protein electrophoresis (Dodeca, Biorad) and nucleic acids; Bains marie (BioBlockPolytest 20); Precision Scales Mettler AE240 and Sartorius; BioimageurOdyssey (Sciencetec); Microplate readers (BioRad 680; Safas); MC² and Xenius Spectrophotometers (Safas); Sonicator (Active Motif); (Oroboros), High Flow Oxygraph (SeaHorse), Bioluminometer (Luminoskan).
Cell Biology: Fluorescence Microscope (Nikon);
Confocal microscope (Zeiss); CO2 incubators (Binder); Laminar Flow Hoods (Thermo).

Skills and Human Resources

4 people: Rodrigue Rossignol (CEO); Benjamin Faustin (CTO), Emilie OBRE (COO), Marie Gestin (Engineer)

Quality approach

CELLOMET is labeled platform of Canceropole GSO and SIRIC BRIO