Name of the responsible structure

  • Jean-Charles Martin

Guardianship of the structure

  • Aix-Marseille University

Referent person for trade with MetaboHUB

  • Jean-Charles Martin


  • Faculty of Medicine Timone, Marseille



Health, food


Help with the experimental design (scientific advice)

The implementation of animal testing protocols (mice) or cell culture (lines / primary cultures)

Conducting laboratory tests of type "omics" (metabolomics by mass spectrometry, transcriptomics by microarray and qPCR), specific (profiling of fatty acids, qPCR, unknown compounds of identification by mass spectrometry of low and high resolution) and conventional (colorimetric, ELISA, etc.),

The development of new methods to achieve the objectives,

The preparation of reports describing the methods, results and interpretation of results based on the services defined in the specification,

Advanced statistics with complementary biological interpretation, in conjunction with the MS Nutrition partner.


Analytical capacity with the kind of mastered technical

Untargeted metabolomics polar metabolites in LC-mass spectrometry of high resolution GC-MS mode and low resolution mass spectrometric quantification LC / MS, high-throughput profiling of fatty acids by GC-FID ultra-fast, non-targeted Lipidomics by LC-MS / MS


1 Agilent LC-ESI-1200 micrOTOF Bruker,
1 Dionex 3000 LC-ESI / APCI-Q-Exactive Thermo Finnigan,
1 GC / MS Agilent 5970,
1 GC-FID Perkin-Elmer ultra-fast,
1 house bank data (MS and MS / MS) for over 600 compounds with IT infrastructure management,
1 storage / server computing

Skills and Human Resources

1 mass spectrometry engineer (CDI CRIBIOM),
1 contractual metabolomics researcher (MS analysis, stats, biological interpretation),
1 lecturer metabolomics,
1 Research Officer physiology / transcriptomics / metabolomics (CDI CRIBIOM),
1 Research Director metabolomics (Data grubbing, modeling).
A team is the Deputy start'up "MS Nutrition" for conducting advanced statistical studies,
( and 3 PhD students.

Quality approach

We will be engaged in this process from 2016