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2017 "Cyperaceae Species Are Potential Sources of Natural Mammalian Arginase Inhibitors with Positive Effects on Vascular Function." Arraki, K., P. Totoson, A. Decendit, A. Badoc, A. Zedet, J. Jolibois, M. Pudlo, C. Demougeot and C. ... Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. BMP 80(9): 2432-2438.
2017 "LC-MS identification and preparative HPLC isolation of Frankenia pulverulenta phenolics with antioxidant and neuroprotective capacities in PC12 cell line." Ben Mansour, R., M. K. Wided, S. Cluzet, S. Krisa, T. Richard and R. Ksouri (2017). Frontiers in Plant Science BMP 55(1): 880-887.
2017 "Antioxidant and cytoprotective activities of grapevine stilbenes." Biais, B., S. Krisa, S. Cluzet, G. Da Costa, P. Waffo-Teguo, J.-M. Mérillon and T. Richard (2017). New Phytologist BMP in press
2017 "Proteomic analysis of lipid droplets from arabidopsis aging leaves brings new insight into their biogenesis and functions." Brocard, L., F. Immel, D. Coulon, N. Esnay, K. Tuphile, S. Pascal, S. Claverol, L. Fouillen, J. J. Bessoule ... Molecules BMP 8: 894.
2017 "Respiration climacteric in tomato fruits elucidated by constraint-based modelling." Colombié, S., B. Beauvoit, C. Nazaret, C. Bénard, G. Vercambre, S. Le Gall, B. Biais, C. Cabasson, M. ... Disease models & mechanisms BMP 213: 1726-1739.
2017 "In Vitro Glucuronidation and Sulfation of ?-Viniferin, a Resveratrol Dimer, in Humans and Rats." Courtois, A., M. Jourdes, A. Dupin, C. Lapèze, E. Renouf, B. Biais, P.-L. Teissedre, J.-M. Mérillon, ... Progress in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy BMP 22(5): 733.
2017 "Overexpression of mitochondrial oxodicarboxylate carrier (ODC1) preserves oxidative phosphorylation in a yeast model of the Barth syndrom." de Taffin de Tilques, M., D. Tribouillard-Tanvier, E. Tétaud, E. Testet, J. di Rago and J. Lasserre ... Plant Physiology BMP 10: 439-450.
2017 "Plant metabolism as studied by NMR spectroscopy " Deborde, C., A. Moing, L. Roch, D. Jacob, D. Rolin and P. Giraudeau (2017). Bio-protocol BMP 102-103: 61-97.
2017 "Glycerolipidome peculiarities of the smallest green picoeukaryote Ostreococcus tauri." Degraeve-Guilbault, C., C. Bréhélin, R. Haslam, O. Sayanova, G. Marie-Luce, J. Jouhet and F. Corellou ... Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry BMP pp.16.01467
2017 " Root Aliphatic Suberin Analysis Using Non-extraction or Solvent-extraction Methods." Delude, C., S. J. Vishwanath, O. Rowland and F. Domergue (2017). Industrial Crops and Products BMP 7(12): e2331.
2017 "Stilbenes from Vitis vinifera L. Waste: A Sustainable Tool for Controlling Plasmopara Viticola." Gabaston, J., E. Cantos-Villar, B. Biais, P. Waffo-Teguo, E. Renouf, M. F. Corio-Costet, T. Richard ... Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry BMP 65(13): 2711-2718.
2017 "Stilbenes from common spruce (Picea abies) bark as natural antifungal agent against downy mildew (Plasmopara viticola)." Gabaston, J., T. Richard, B. Biais, P. Waffo-Teguo, E. Pedrot, M. Jourdes, M.-F. Corio-Costet and J. ... Elife 6. BMP 103: 267-273.
2017 "Pinus pinaster Knot: A source of polyphenols against Plasmopara viticola." Gabaston, J., T. Richard, S. Cluzet, A. Palos Pinto, M.-C. Dufour, M. F. Corio-Costet and J. M. Mérillon ... BMP 65: 8884-8891
2017 "Structural basis for plant plasma membrane protein dynamics and organization into functional nanodomains." Gronnier, J., J. M. Crowet, B. Habenstein, M. N. Nasir, V. Bayle, E. Hosy, M. P. Platre, P. Gouguet, ... Metabolomics BMP
2017 "Increase of fungal pathogenicity and role of plant glutamine in Nitrogen-Induced Susceptibility (NIS) to rice blast." Huang, H., T. Nguyen Thi Thu, X. He, A. Gravot, S. Bernillon, E. Ballini and J.-B. Morel (2017). Frontiers in Plant Science BMP Frontiers in Plant Science 8(265).
2017 "NMRProcFlow: A graphical and interactive tool dedicated to 1D spectra processing for NMR-based metabolomics." Jacob, D., C. Deborde, M. Lefebvre, M. Maucourt and A. Moing (2017). PLoS One BMP 13: 36.
2017 "The Arabidopsis Lipid Transfer Protein 2 (AtLTP2) Is Involved in cuticle-cell wall interface integrity and in etiolated hypocotyl permeability." Jacq, A., C. Pernot, Y. Martinez, F. Domergue, B. Payré, E. Jamet, V. Burlat and V. B. Pacquit (2017). ... Journal of Biological Chemistry. BMP 8: 263.
2017 "Qualitative and quantitative study of the highly specialized lipid tissues of cetaceans using HR-MAS NMR and classical GC." Jung, J. L., G. Simon, E. Alfonsi, D. Thoraval, N. Kervarec, D. Ben Salem, S. Hassani and F. Domergue ... Science BMP 12(7): e0180597.
2017 "Comparative characterization of phosphatidic acid sensors and their localization during frustrated phagocytosis." Kassas, N., E. Tanguy, T. Thahouly, L. Fouillen, D. Heintz, S. Chasserot-Golaz, B. MF, N. Grant and ... Journal of Pest Science BMP 292: 4266-4279.
2017 "Eudicot plant-specific sphingolipids determine host selectivity of microbial NLP cytolysins." Lenarcic, T., I. Albert, H. Bohm, V. Hodnik, K. Pirc, A. B. Zavec, M. Podobnik, D. Pahovnik, E. Zagar, ... Journal of Experimental Botany BMP 358(6369): 1431-1434.
2017 "Vitis vinifera canes, a source of stilbenoids against Spodoptera littoralis larvae." Pavela, R., P. Waffo-Teguo, B. Biais, T. Richard and J. M. Mérillon (2017). Analytical Chemistry BMP 90: 961-970.
2017 "Fluxomics links cellular functional analyses to whole-plant phenotyping." Salon, C., J.-C. Avice, S. Colombié, M. Dieuaide-Noubhani, K. Gallardo, C. Jeudy, A. Ourry, M. Prudent, ... OENO One BMP 68(9): 2083-2098.
2017 "nmrML: a community supported open data standard for the description, storage, and exchange of NMR data." Schober, D., D. Jacob, M. Wilson, J. A. Cruz, A. Marcu, J. R. Grant, A. Moing, C. Deborde, L. F. de ... Journal of Natural Products BMP 90: 649-656.
2017 Identification and quantification of stilbenes in some Tunisian red wines using UPLC-MS and HPLC-DAD. Arraki, K.; Renouf, E.; Waffo Teguo, P.; Merillon, J.M.; Richard, T. and Decendit, A. (2017). The Plant Cell: BMP 51(2-3): 231-236.
2017 Cyperaceae Species Are Potential Sources of Natural Mammalian Arginase Inhibitors with Positive Effects on Vascular Function. Arraki, K.; Totoson, P.; Decendit, A.; Badoc, A.; Zedet, A.; Jolibois, J.; Pudlo, M.; Demougeot, C. ... Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry BMP 80(9): 2432-2438.
2017 Exploiting the genetic diversity of maize using a combined metabolomic, enzyme activity profiling, and metabolic modelling approach to link leaf physiology to kernel yield. Cañas, R.A.; Yesbergenova-Cuny, Z.; Simons, M.; Chardon, F.; Armengaud, P.; Quilleré, I.; Cukier, C. ... Industrial Crops and Products BMP in press.
2017 Stilbenes from Vitis vinifera L. Waste: A Sustainable Tool for Controlling Plasmopara Viticola. Gabaston, J.; Cantos-Villar, E.; Biais, B.; Waffo-Teguo, P.; Renouf, E.; Corio-Costet, M.F.; Richard, ... Environmental and Experimental Botany BMP 65(13): 2711-2718.
2017 Profiling of phenolic compounds and antioxidant activity of Melia azedarach L. leaves and fruits at two stages of maturity. M'rabet, Y.; Rokbeni, N.; Cluzet, S.; Boulila, A.; Richard, T.; Krisa, S.; Marzouki, L.; Casabianca, ... American Journal of Clinical Nutrition BMP 107: 232-243.
2017 Combined Alternaria dauci infection and water stresses impact carotenoid content of carrot leaves and roots. Perrin, F.; Dubois-Laurent, C.; Gibon, Y.; Citerne, S.; Huet, S.; Suel, A.; Le Clerc, V.; Briard, M. ... Journal of Mass Spectrometry BMP 143(Supplement C): 125-134.
2017 In the elderly, meat protein assimilation from rare meat is lower than that from meat that is well done. Buffière, C., Gaudichon, C., Hafnaoui, N., Migné, C., Scislowsky, V., Khodorova, N., Mosoni, L., Blot, ... Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry PFEM 106 (5), 1257-1266. ,
2017 Myofiber metabolic type determination by mass spectrometry imaging. Centeno, D., Venien, A., Pujos-Guillot, E., Astruc, T., Chambon, C., Theron, L. International Journal of Biochemistry and Cell Biology PFEM 52 (8), 493-496. ,
2017 Vitamin D supplementation restores the blunted muscle protein synthesis response in deficient old rats through an impact on ectopic fat deposition. Chanet, A., Salles, J., Guillet, C., Giraudet, C., Berry, A., Patrac, V., Domingues-Faria, C., Tagliaferri, ... Metabolomics PFEM 46 , 30-38. ,
2017 Create, run, share, publish, and reference your LC-MS, FIA-MS, GC-MS, and NMR data analysis workflows with Workflow4Metabolomics 3.0, the Galaxy online infrastructure for metabolomics. Guitton, Y., Tremblay Franco, M., Le Corguille, G., Martin, J.-F., Pétéra, M., Roger-Mele, P., Delabrière, ... Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry PFEM 93, 89-101. ,
2017 Metabolomic study of the response to cold shock in a strain of Pseudomonas syringae isolated from cloud water. Jousse, C., Dalle, C., Canet, I., Lagrée, M., Traïka, M., Lyan, B., Mendes, C., Sancelme, M., Amato, ... British Journal of Nutrition PFEM 13 p. ,
2017 Evaluation of oxidized phospholipids analysis by LC-MS/MS. Khoury, S. , Pouyet, C., Lyan, B., Pujos-Guillot, E. Journal of Proteome Research PFEM 410 (2), 633-647. ,
2017 Dietary supplementation with cysteine prevents adverse metabolic outcomes of repeated cures with paracetamol in old rats. Mast, C., Pourpe, C., Voyard, G., Rémond, D., Migné, C., Centeno, D., Dardevet, D., Savary-Auzeloux, ... Plos One PFEM 118 (11), 889-896. ,
2017 Systems Metabolomics for Prediction of Metabolic Syndrome. Pujos-Guillot, E, Brandolini-Bunlon, M., Pétéra, M., Grissa, D., Joly, C., Lyan, B., Herquelot, E., ... Molecular Nutrition and Food Research, PFEM 16 (6), 2262-2272. ,
2017 At same leucine intake, a whey/plant protein blend is not as effective as whey to initiate a transient post prandial muscle anabolic response during a catabolic state in mini pigs. Revel, A., Jarzaguet, M., Peyron, M.-A., Papet, I., Hafnaoui, N., Migné, C., Mosoni, L., Polakof, S. ... Journal of Neurogastroenterology and Motility PFEM 12 (10), e0186204. ,
2017 Fast digestive, leucine-rich, soluble milk proteins improve muscle protein anabolism and mitochondrial function in undernourished old rats. Salles, J., Chanet, A., Berry, A., Giraudet, C., Patrac, V., Domingues Faria, C., Rocher, C., Guillet, ... F1000Research, 6 (Version 2) PFEM 61 (11), 13 p. ,
2017 Colonic transit time is a driven force of the gut microbiota composition and metabolism: In vitro evidence. Tottey, W., Feria Gervasio, D., Gaci, N., Laillet, B., Pujos-Guillot, E., Martin, J.-F., Sébédio, J. ... Food Hydrocolloids PFEM 23 (1), 124-134. ,
2017 The future of metabolomics in ELIXIR. van Rijswijk, M., Beirnaert, C., Caron, C., Cascante, M., Dominguez, V., Dunn, W. B., Ebbels, T. M. ... Food Chemistry PFEM 16 p. ,
2017 The impact of processing and aging on the oxidative potential, molecular structure and dissolution of gelatin. A. DUCONSEILLE, M. TRAIKIA, M. LAGREE, C. JOUSSE, G. PAGES, P. GATELLIER, T. ASTRUC, V. SANTE-LHOUTELLIER* The International Journal of Biochemistry \& Cell Biology PFEM 66, 246-258.
2017 Metabolomics fingerprint of coffee species determined by untargeted-profiling study using LC-HRMS Souard, Florence and Delporte, Cédric and Stoffelen, Piet and Thévenot, Etienne A. and Noret, Nausicaa ... Bioinformatics MetabolomeIDF 245:603-612
2017 Create, run, share, publish, and reference your LC-MS, FIA-MS, GC-MS, and NMR data analysis workflows with the Workflow4Metabolomics 3.0 Galaxy online infrastructure for metabolomics Guitton, Yann and Tremblay-Franco, Marie and Le Corguillé, G., Gildas and Martin, Jean-François and ... Eur J Mass Spectrom MetabolomeIDF/PFEM/MetaToul 93:89-101
2017 proFIA: A data preprocessing workflow for Flow Injection Analysis coupled to High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry Delabriere, A. and Hohenester, U. and Colsch, B. and Fenaille, F. and Junot, C. and Thevenot, E.A. j Chromatogr A MetabolomeIDF 33:3767-3775
2017 Mechanisms governing the fragmentation of glycerophospholipids containing choline and ethanolamine polar head groups. Colsch B, Fenaille F, Warnet A, Junot C, Tabet JC. J Hepatol MetabolomeIDF 23(6):427-444.
2017 Data acquisition workflows in liquid chromatography coupled to high resolution mass spectrometry-based metabolomics: Where do we stand? Fenaille F, Barbier Saint-Hilaire P, Rousseau K, Junot C. J Chromatogr B MetabolomeIDF 1526:1-12
2017 Serum metabolic signatures in patients with overt hepatic encephalopathy": Metabolic signature for severe cirrhosis with inflammation or hepatic encephalopathy: Do we really face two different entities? Weiss N, Colsch B, Fenaille F, Junot C, Thabut D. J Chromatogr B MetabolomeIDF 67(5):1115-1116.
2017 Comparative analysis of native and permethylated human milk oligosaccharides by liquid chromatography coupled to high resolution mass spectrometry. Oursel S, Cholet S, Junot C, Fenaille F. Blood Adv MetabolomeIDF 1071:49-57
2017 Mechanistic study of competitive releases of H2O, NH3 and CO2 from deprotonated aspartic and glutamic acids: Role of conformation. Barbier Saint Hilaire P, Warnet A, Gimbert Y, Hohenester UM, Giorgi G, Olivier MF, Fenaille F, Colsch ... Diabetologia MetabolomeIDF 1047:64-74.
2017 Bone marrow sites differently imprint dormancy and chemoresistance to T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Cahu X, Calvo J, Poglio S, Prade N, Colsch B, Arcangeli ML, Leblanc T, Petit A, Baleydier F, Baruchel ... Methods Mol Biol MetabolomeIDF 1(20):1760-1772
2017 Lipoprotein lipase in hypothalamus is a key regulator of body weight gain and glucose homeostasis in mice. Laperrousaz E, Moullé VS, Denis RG, Kassis N, Berland C, Colsch B, Fioramonti X, Philippe E, Lacombe ... Molecular and cellular endicrology MetabolomeIDF 60(7):1314-1324
2017 Liquid Chromatography-High Resolution Mass Spectrometry Method to Study Sphingolipid Metabolism Changes in Response to CD95L Bilal F1,2,3, Pérès M1,2,4, Le Faouder P5, Dupuy A5, Bertrand-Michel J5, Andrieu-Abadie N1,2, Levade ... JCI Insight MetaToul
2017 Insights into the role of hepatocyte PPAR? activity in response to fasting Herve Guillou, Marion Régnier, Arnaud Polizzi, Yannick Lippi, Edwin Fouché, Géraldine Michel Céline ... The American Journal of pathology MetaToul
2017 Apelin controls lymph S1P secretion and prevents pathological remodeling of lymphatic endothelium Florence Tatin, Edith Renaud, Fransky Hantelys, Anne-claire Godet, Francoise Pujol, Florent Morfoisse, ... J Diabetes Complications MetaToul volume 2
2017 Acid Ceramidase Deficiency in Mice Results in a Broad Range of Central Nervous System Abnormalities Jakub Sikora, Shaalee Dworski,E. Ellen Jones, Mustafa A. Kamani, Matthew C. Micsenyi, Tomo Sawada, Pauline ... Scie Report MetaToul volume 187
2017 Urinary lysophopholipids are increased in diabetic patients with nephropathy Saulnier-Blache JS, Feigerlova E, Halimi JM, Gourdy P, Roussel R, Guerci B, Dupuy A, Bertrand-Michel ... Plos One MetaToul volume 17, pages 8727
2017 A genome scan for milk production traits in dairy goats reveals two new mutations in Dgat1 reducing milk fat content. Martin P, Palhière I, Maroteau C, Bardou P, Canale-Tabet K, Sarry J, Woloszyn F, Bertrand-Michel J, ... Biochimie MetaToul volume 7, pages 1872
2017 Characterization of a Bvg-regulated fatty acid methyl-transferase in Bordetella pertussis. Rivera-Millot A, Lesne E, Solans L, Coutte L, Bertrand-Michel J, Froguel P, Dhennin V, Hot D, Locht ... J Nutr Biochem MetaToul volume 12
2017 Characterization of the lipid envelope of exosome encapsulated HEV particles protected from the immune response.Biochimie. Chapuy-Regaud S, Dubois M, Plisson-Chastang C, Bonnefois T, Lhomme S, Bertrand-Michel J, You B, Simoneau ... Sci Report MetaToul volume 17, pages 9084
2017 Vitamin D supplementation restores the blunted muscle protein synthesis response in deficient old rats through an impact on ectopic fat deposition.J Nutr Biochem. 2017 Apr 8;46:30-38. doi: 10.1016/j.jnutbio.2017.02.024. Chanet A, Salles J, Guillet C, Giraudet C, Berry A, Patrac V, Domingues-Faria C, Tagliaferri C, Bouton ... Hum Mol Genet MetaToul volume 46,pages 30
2017 Metabolism dysregulation induces a specific lipid signature of nonalcoholic steatohepatitis in patients Chiappini F, Coilly A, Kadar H, Gual P, Tran A, Desterke C, Samuel D, Duclos-Vallée JC, Touboul D, Bertrand-Michel ... Langmuir MetaToul volume 7, pages 46658
2017 PNPLA1 defects in patients with autosomal recessive congenital ichthyosis and KO mice sustain PNPLA1 irreplaceable function in epidermal omega-O-acylceramide synthesis and skin permeability barrier. Pichery M, Huchenq A, Sandhoff R, Severino-Freire M, Zaafouri S, Opálka L, Levade T, Soldan V, Bertrand-Michel ... Advances in Biological Regulation MetaToul volume 26, pages 1787
2017 Optimizing the preparation of Giant Unilamellar Vesicles-containing PI(4,5)P2 using septins as a readout Beber, Alexandre; Alqabandi, Maryam; Prevost, Coline; Viars, Fanny; Levy, Daniel; Bassereau, Patricia; ... Nature Communication MetaToul
2017 The importance of blood platelet lipid signaling in thrombosis and in sepsis. Vardon Bounes F , Mujalli A, Cenac C, Severin S, Le Faouder P, Chicanne G, Gaits-Iacovoni F, Minville ... Les sols et la vie souterraine" - Des enjeux majeurs en agroécologie. J.-F. Briat & D. Job (Coord.) MetaToul
2017 Identification of an analgesic lipopeptide produced by the probiotic Escherichia coli strain Nissle 1917 Teresa Pérez-Berezo, Julien Pujo, Patricia Martin, Pauline Le Faouder, Jean-Marie Galano, Alexandre ... Analytical Chemistry MetaToul volume 8, pages 1314
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2017 15N-NMR-Based Approach for Amino Acids-Based 13C-Metabolic Flux Analysis of Metabolism Pierre Millard , Edern Cahoreau, Maud Heuillet, Jean-Charles Portais, and Guy Lippens Cancer Discovery MetaToul
2017 High mTORC1 activity drives glycolysis addiction and sensitivity to G6PD inhibition in acute myeloid leukemia cells L Poulain, P Sujobert, F Zylbersztejn, S Barreau, L Stuani, M Lambert, T L Palama, V Chesnais, R Birsen, ... Nature communication MetaToul
2017 Chemotherapy Resistant Human Acute Myeloid Leukemia Cells are Not Enriched for Leukemic Stem Cells but Require Oxidative Metabolism Farge Thomas , Saland Estelle , Fabienne de Toni , Nesrine Aroua , Moshen Hosseini , Perry Robin , Claudie ... Current Opinion in Biotechnology MetaToul
2017 Identification  of an analgesic lipopeptide produced by the probiotic Escherichia coli strain Nissle 1917 Teresa Pérez-Berezo, Julien Pujo, Patricia Martin, Pauline Le Faouder, Jean-Marie Galano, Alexandre ... Nat Commun. MetaToul
2017 Recent advances in high-throughput 13C-fluxomics Heux S, Bergès C, Millard P, Portais JC, Létisse F. Metab Eng MetaToul
2017 The metabolic enzyme fructose-1,6-bisphosphate aldolase acts as a transcriptional regulator in pathogenic Francisella. Ziveri J, Tros F, Guerrera IC, Chhuon C, Audry M, Dupuis M, Barel M, Korniotis S, Fillatreau S, Gales ... Anal Chem MetaToul
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2017 A methodology for the validation of isotopic analyses by mass spectrometry in stable-isotope labelling experiments. Heuillet M, Bellvert F, Cahoreau E, Letisse F, Millard P, Portais JC. MetaToul