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Année Titre de la publication Auteurs Nom de la publication Site Référence Lien vers résumé
2012 The ethylmalonyl-CoA pathway is used in place of the glyoxylate cycle by Methylobacterium extorquens AM1 during growth on acetate Schneider K, Peyraud R, Kiefer P, Christen P, Delmotte N, Massou S, Portais JC, Vorholt JA The Journal of Biological Chemistry MetaTOUL 287(1):757-66
2012 influx_s: increasing numerical stability and precision for metabolic flux analysis in isotope labelling experiments. Sokol S, Millard P, Portais JC. Bioinformatics MetaTOUL 28(5):687-93
2012 Distinctive gas-phase fragmentation pathway of the mitorubramines, novel secondary metabolites from Hypoxylon fragiforme. Svilar L, Stankov-Jovanovic V, Stadler M, Nedev H, Tabet JC Rapid Commun Mass Spectrom MetabolomeIDF 26(22):2612-8,jsessionid=6F96EFCEDF61D7D6AC661E7E51993AA2.f04t02
2012 High-resolution mass spectrometry and hydrogen/deuterium exchange study of mitorubrin azaphilones and nitrogenized analogues. Svilar L, Stankov-Jovanovic V, Lesage D, Dossmann H, Tabet JC. J Mass Spectrom MetabolomeIDF 47(8):969-77
2012 Evaluation of three simple direct or indirect carbonyl detection methods for characterization of oxidative modifications of proteins Vasquez-Garzon V R, Rouimi P, Jouanin I, Waeg G, Zarkovic N, Villa-Trevino S, Guéraud F Toxicology Mechanisms and Methods MetaTOUL 22(4): 296-304