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2013 21-Methylpyrenyl-cholesterol stably and specifically associates with lipoprotein peripheral hemi-membrane: A new labelling tool Gaibelet G, Tercé F, Bertrand-Michel J, Allart S, Azalbert V, Lecompte MF, Collet X, Orlowski S Biocgemical and Biophysical Research Communications MetaTOUL 440(4):533-8
2013 Enhanced skeletal muscle lipid oxidative efficiency in insulin-resistant vs insulin-sensitive nondiabetic, nonobese humans Galgani JE, Vasquez K, Watkins G, Dupuy A, Bertrand-Michel J, Levade T, Moro C Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism MetaTOUL 98(4):E646-53
2013 A diminution in ascorbate oxidase activity affects carbon allocation and improves yield in tomato under water-deficit Garchery C, Gest N, Do PT, Alhagdow M, Baldet P, Ménard G, Rothan C, Massot C, Gautier H, Aarrouf J, ... Plant Cell & Environment BMP 36: 159-175
2013 High Bioavailability of Bisphenol A from Sublingual Exposure Gayrard V, Lacroix M Z, Collet S H, Viguié C, Bousquet-Melou A, Toutain P L, Picard-Hagen N Environmental Health Perspectives MetaTOUL 121(8): 951-956
2013 Polyunsaturated fatty acid metabolism signature in ischemia differs from reperfusion in mouse intestine Gobbetti T, Le Faouder P, Bertrand J, Dubourdeau M, Barocelli E, Cenac N, Vergnolle N Plos One MetaTOUL 20,8(9):e75581
2013 Phosphoinositide substrates of myotubularin affect voltage-activated Ca2+ release in skeletal muscle González Rodríguez E, Lefebvre R, Bodnár D, Legrand C, Szentesi P, Vincze J, Poulard K, Bertrand-Michel ... Pflügers Archiv-European Journal of Physiology MetaTOUL
2013 New insights into sulfur metabolism in yeasts as revealed by studies of Yarrowia lipolytica Hébert A, Forquin-Gomez MP, Roux A, Aubert J, Junot C, Heilier JF, Landaud S, Bonnarme P, Beckerich ... Appl Environ Microbiol MetabolomeIDF 79(4):1200-11
2013 Collision cell pressure effect on CID spectra pattern using triple quadrupole instruments: a RRKM modeling. Ichou F, Lesage D, Machuron-Mandard X, Junot C, Cole RB, Tabet JC J Mass Spectrom MetabolomeIDF 48(2):179-86
2013 An efficient spectra processing method for metabolite identification from 1H-NMR metabolomics data Jacob D, Deborde C, Moing A Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry BMP 405: 5049-5061
2013 Influence of skin metabolism on qualitative dermal delivery of testosterone: assessment using a new long-term skin model Jacques C, Perdu E, Jamin E L, Cravedi J-P, Mavon A, Duplan H, Zalko D Skin Pharmacology and Physiology MetaTOUL in presss
2013 Untargeted metabolite profiling of pesticides by LC-HRMS: an exposomics tool for human exposure evaluation Jamin E, Bonvallot N, Tremblay-Franco M, Cravedi J-P, Chevrier C, Cordier S, Debrauwer L Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry MetaTOUL in press
2013 Combined Genotoxic Effects of a Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon (B(a)P) and an Heterocyclic Amine (PhIP) in Relation to Colorectal Carcinogenesis Jamin E L, Riu A, Douki T, Debrauwer L, Cravedi J-P, Zalko D, Audebert M PLoS ONE MetaTOUL 8(3): p. e58591
2013 Characterization of endocrine disruptors from a complex matrix using estrogen receptor affinity columns and high performance liquid chromatography-high resolution mass spectrometry Jondeau-Cabaton A, Soucasse A, Jamin E L, Creusot N, Grimaldi M, Jouanin I, Ait-Aissa S, Balaguer P, ... Environmental Science and Pollution Research MetaTOUL 20(5): 2705-20
2013 Modelling metabolic networks using graphs: reconstruction, storage and visualization Jourdan F Advances in Botanichal Research MetaTOUL Vol 67, pp. 557-592.
2013 High resolution mass spectrometry based techniques at the crossroads of metabolic pathways. Junot C, Fenaille F, Colsch B, Bécher F. Mass Spectrom Rev. MetabolomeIDF in press,jsessionid=767E7D7BB155EF220C81636AA4079871.f01t04?systemMessage=Wiley+Online+Library+will+be+disrupted+on+7+December+from+10%3A00-15%3A00+BST+%2805%3A00-10%3A00+EDT%29+for+essential+maintenance
2013 Towards models for the prediction of beef meat quality during cooking Kondjoyan A, Kohler A, Realini C E, Portanguen S, Kowalski R, Clerjon S, Gatellier P, Chevolleau S, ... Meat Science MetaTOUL in press
2013 Combining metabolomics and gene expression analysis reveals that propionyl- and butyryl-carnitines are involved in late stages of arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis. Laparre J*, Malbreil M*, Letisse F, Portais JC, Roux C, Bécard G, Puech-Pagès V Molecular Plant MetaTOUL doi: 10.1093/mp/sst136
2013 LC-MS/MS method for rapid and concomitant quantification of pro-inflammatory and pro-resolving polyunsaturated fatty acid metabolites Le Faouder P, Baillif V, Spreadbury I, Motta JP, Rousset P, Chêne G, Guigné C, Tercé F, Vanner S, Vergnolle ... Journal of Chromatography B Analytical Technologies in the Biomedical Sciences MetaTOUL 932:123-3
2013 Soil water stress affects both cuticular wax content and cuticle-related gene expression in young saplings of maritime pine (Pinus pinaster Ait) Le Provost G, Domergue F, Lalanne C, Ramos Campos P, Grosbois A, Bert D, Meredieu C, Danjon F, Plomion ... BMC Plant Biology BMP 0.607638889
2013 Combination of lipid metabolism alterations and their sensitivity to inflammatory cytokines in human lipin-1-deficient myoblasts Michot C, Mamoune A, Vamecq J, Viou MT, Hsieh L-S, Testet E, Lainé J, Hubert L, Dessein AF, Fontaine ... Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - Molecular Basis of Disease BMP 1832: 2103-2114
2013 IsoDesign: A software for optimizing the design of 13 C-metabolic flux analysis experiments. Millard P, Sokol S, Letisse F, Portais JC. Biotechnology and Bioengineering MetaTOUL Epub ahead of print
2013 Telling metabolic stories to explore metabolomics data: A case study on the Yeast response to cadmium exposure Milreu PV, Klein CC, Cottret L, Acuña V, Birmelé E, Borassi M, Junot C, Marchetti-Spaccamela A, Marino ... Bioinformatics MetabolomeIDF in press
2013 Improving palm oil quality through identification and mapping of the lipase gene causing oil deterioration Morcillo F, Cros D, Billotte N, Ngando-Ebongue G, Domonhédo H, Pizot M, Cuéllar T, Espéout S, Dhouib ... Nature Communications BMP 1.666666667
2013 Salivary markers of taste sensitivity to oleic acid: a combined proteomics and metabolomics approach Mounayar R, Morzel M, Brignot H, Tremblay-Franco M, Canlet C, Lucchi G, Ducoroy P, Feron G, Neyraud ... Metabolomics MetaTOUL in press
2013 Aphanomyces euteiches cell wall fractions containing novel glucan-chitosaccharides induce defense genes and nuclear calcium oscillations in the plant host Medicago truncatula. Nars A, Lafitte C, Chabaud M, Drouillard S, Mélida H, Danoun S, Le Costaouëc T, Rey T, Benedetti J, ... PlosOne MetaTOUL 23,8(9):e75039
2013 Relationships between the metabolome and the fatty acid composition of human saliva, effects of stimulation Neyraud E, Tremblay-Franco M, Gregoire S, Berdeaux O, Canlet C Metabolomics MetaTOUL 9(1): 213-222
2013 Lipid composition of multilamellar bodies secreted by Dictyostelium discoideum reveals their amoebal origin Paquet VE, Lessire R, Domergue F, Fouillen L, Filion G, Sedighi A, Charette SJ Eukaryotic Cell BMP 10:1326-1334
2013 Deciphering genetic diversity and inheritance of tomato fruit weight and composition through a systems biology approach Pascual L, Xu J, Biais B, Maucourt M, Ballias P, Bernillon S, Deborde C, Jacob D, Desgroux A, Faurobert ... Journal of Experimental Botany BMP in press
2013 Chemical dereplication of wine stilbenoids using high performance liquid chromatography-nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy Pawlus AD, Cantos-Villar E, Richard T, Bisson J, Poupard P, Papastamoulis Y, Monti J-P, Teissedre P-L, ... Journal of Chromatography A BMP 1289: 19-26
2013 Stilbenoid profiles of canes from Vitis and Muscadinia species Pawlus AD, Sahli R, Bisson J, Rivière C, Delaunay J-C, Richard T, Gomès E, Bordenave L, Waffo-Téguo ... Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry BMP 61: 501-511
2013 Screening and identification of glyceollins and their metabolites by electrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometry with precursor ion scanning. Quadri SS, Stratford RE, Boué SM, Cole RB. Anal. Chem. MetabolomeIDF 85(3):1727-33
2013 The carbon storage regulator (Csr) system exerts a nutrient-specific control over central metabolism in Escherichia coli strain Nissle 1917. Revelles O, Millard P, Nougayrède JP, Dobrindt U, Oswald E, Létisse F, Portais JC. PLoS One MetaTOUL 8(6):e66386
2013 Application of LC-MS and LC-NMR techniques for secondary metabolite identification Richard T, Temsamani H, Cantos-Villar E, Monti JP In D Rolin, ed, Metabolomics coming of age with its technological diversity, Advances in Botanical Research. Academic Press BMP 67
2013 High-resolution 1H-NMR spectroscopy and beyond to explore plant metabolome Rolin D, Deborde C, Maucourt M, Cabasson C, Fauvelle F, Jacob D, Canlet C, Moing A In D Rolin, ed, Metabolomics coming of age with its technological diversity, Advances in Botanical Research. Academic Press BMP 67
2013 The nuclear receptors Pregnane X Receptor and Constitutive Androstane Receptor contribute to the impact of fipronil on hepatic gene expression linked to thyroid hormone metabolism Roques B, Leghait J, Lacroix M, Lasserre F, Pineau T, Viguié C, Martin P Biochemical Pharmacology MetaTOUL 86(7): 997-1039
2013 SlARF4, an Auxin Response Factor involved in the control of sugar metabolism during tomato fruit development Sagar M, Chervin C, Mila I, Hao YW, Roustan JP, Benichou M, Gibon Y, Biais B, Maury P, Latche A, Pech ... Plant Physiology BMP 161: 1362-1374
2013 Influence of fine process particles enriched with metals and metalloids on Lactuca sativa L. leaf fatty acid composition following air and/or soil-plant field exposure Schreck E, Laplanche C, Le Guédard M, Bessoule JJ, Austruy A, Xiong T, Foucault Y, Dumat C Environmental Pollution BMP 179: 242-249
2013 Identification tree based on fragmentation rules for structure elucidation of organophosphorus esters by electrospray mass spectrometry. Schwarzenberg A, Ichou F, Cole RB, Machuron-Mandard X, Junot C, Lesage D, Tabet JC J Mass Spectrom MetabolomeIDF 48(5):576-86,jsessionid=F1D7A89F2B50529A4E76706D26320BC2.f03t01
2013 Mitochondrial energetic and AKT status mediate metabolic effects and apoptosis of metformin in human leukemic cells. Scotland S, Saland E, Skuli N, de Toni F, Boutzen H, Micklow E, Sénégas I, Peyraud R, Peyriga L, Théodoro ... Leukemia MetabolomeIDF/MetaTOUL 27(11):2129-38
2013 Lipidomic and spatio-temporal imaging of fat by mass spectrometry in mice duodenum during lipid digestion Seyer A, Cantiello M, Bertrand-Michel J, Roques V, Nauze M, Bézirard V, Collet X, Touboul D, Brunelle ... Plos One MetaTOUL 8(4):e58224
2013 The gene PatG involved in the biosynthesis pathway of patulin, a food-borne mycotoxin, encodes a 6-methylsalicylic acid decarboxylase Snini S, Tadrist S, Laffitte J, Jamin E, Oswald I, Puel O International Journal of Food Microbiology MetaTOUL In press.
2013 Isolation of powerful antioxidants from the medicinal halophyte Limoniastrum guyonianum Trabelsi N, Oueslati S, Falleh H, Waffo-Téguo P, Papastamoulis Y, Mérillon J-M, Abdelly C, Ksouri R Food Chemistry BMP 135: 1419-1424
2013 Telling metabolic stories to explore metabolomics data: A case study on the Yeast response to cadmium exposure. Vieira Milreu P, Coimbra Klein C, Cottret L, Acuna V, Birmelé E, Borassi M, Junot C, Marchetti-Spaccamela ... Bioinformatics MetaTOUL In press.
2013 Maternal and Fetal Exposure to Bisphenol A Is Associated with Alterations of Thyroid Function in Pregnant Ewes and Their Newborn Lambs Viguié C, Collet S H, Gayrard V, Picard-Hagen N, Puel S, Roques B B, Toutain P-L, Lacroix M Z Endocrinology MetaTOUL 154(1): 521-528
2013 Metabolic Flux Analysis. In : Metabolomics in practice : successful strategies to generate and analyze metabolic data Wittmann C. and Portais JC Lämmerhofer & Werckwerth Eds., WILEY, Weinheim, Germany MetaTOUL ISBN: 978-3-527-33089-8
2012 Anthocyanin identification and composition of wild Vitis spp. accessions by using LC-MS and LC-NMR Acevedo de la Cruz A, Hilbert G, Rivière C, Mengin V, Ollat N, Bordenave L, Decrocq S, Delaunay JC, ... Analytica Chimica Acta BMP 732: 145-152
2012 Telling Stories: Enumerating maximal directed acyclic graphs with a constrained set of sources and targets Acuña V, Etienne Birmelé E, Cottret L, Crescenzi P, Jourdan F, Lacroix V, Marchetti-Spaccamela A, Marino ... Theoretical Computer Science MetaTOUL 457: 1-9
2012 Role of low-density lipoprotein receptor in the hepatitis C virus life cycle Albecka A, Belouzard S, Op de Beeck A, Descamps V, Goueslain L, Bertrand-Michel J, Tercé F, Duverlie ... Hepatology MetaTOUL 55(4):998-1007
2012 YPR139c/LOA1 encodes a novel lysophosphatidic acid acyltransferase associated with lipid droplets and involved in TAG homeostasis Ayciriex S, Le Guédard M, Camougrand N, Velours G, Schoene M, Wattelet-Boyer V, Dupuy J-W, Shevchenko ... Molecular Biology of the Cell BMP 23: 233-246
2012 (homo)glutathione deficiency impairs Meloidogine incognita development in Medicago truncatula Baldacci F, Chang C, Maucourt M, Deborde C, Hopkins J, Lecomte P, Bernillon S, Brouquisse R, Moing A, ... PLoS Pathogens BMP 8: e1002471